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Therapy is a process of exploration and growth and offers support in many ways. Here at Anam Cara you can find therapists who offer various forms of therapy including couples therapy, family therapy and child and adolescent therapy. Each form of therapy involves particular skills sets and training so it is important to find just the right form for the type of therapy you are seeking. As part of out therapeutic team, many of us offer specific therapies based on trauma work which helps people process and heal from specific traumatic incidents, situations or developmental traumas. Various modalities work specifically with trauma and you can find a list of what we offer here.

Supervison & Consultation

Many of the practitioners at Anam Cara offer supervision and mentoring services for interns and associates. Having a skilled clinician offer guidance and support on the path to becoming licensed is both necessary and useful as one hones in on their therapeutic approach and mastery of skills. We also offer consultation services for other licensed therapists to coach, guide and support the work of our peers. Consulting with another therapist offers a fresh eye from which to view your difficult cases, to get ideas and inspiration and explore your own experience with specific clients. These services are offered in groups and individual sessions. 


We offer coaching for individual leaders as well as partnerships, teams, collectives and organizations. We support partnerships and teams to thrive or surmount the obstacles that can arise when people come together around a mission. Whether you are looking for individual sessions, conflict management or group work we can support you and the well being of your organization. We also offer relationship coaching which is a structured approach to helping various forms of relationships work through conflicts or learn how to communicate and grow more affectively. This involves guidance, directives and mediation techniques that supports people to see relational blocks quickly and affectively.
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