Marenka Cerny



After 20 years of experience pursuing and focusing on mind and body integration, Marenka has become an expert in somatic psychotherapy. She received her Master’s from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2002. For 14 years she trained with the late Bill Bowen, whose seminal teachings in the field of somatic psychology, called Psychophysical Therapy, are the heart and foundation of her work. 

Marenka Cerny 

(pronounced Marjzenka)

How I Work

To further increase the range of her work, she integrates several related sources, including traditional Hakomi, theories of intersubjectivity and attachment, the approach of Internal Family Systems, work with the inner critic, trauma resolution and EMDR. Marenka also works directly to address the impact of the social dimensions of our personal lives. She has supported unconditionally many clients in the exploration and resolution of sexuality, gender identity, and multi-cultural relational issues.


My Practice

Marenka is currently developing a book on integrating principles of attachment therapy and authenticity that will bring new attention to an accessible practice for developing skills for securely attached adult relationships. She views psychotherapy as a sacred space for people to feel deeply understood and to experience unconditional positive regard and complete lack of judgement. Marenka considers psychotherapy a unique opportunity for learning to more deeply understand the workings of our body-selves — the perspective that our mind is experienced through our whole body, not just our brain

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