Dominique Lando

Therapist, Coach, Facilitator and Certified Hakomi Teacher


I offer grounded and inspired coaching. Rooted in years of being a psychotherapist and organizer, I bring a depth of expertise in psychology, relationship systems, mindfulness and embodiment practices to the coaching realm. I work with individuals, partnerships, groups and organizations seeking to thrive. As humans we become rigidified in certain perceptions of the world based on the blueprints that we have been exposed to and how we organize around those. We are often not aware to what extent they dictate our experience of our lives, relationships, environments and projects. Together we can uncover these beliefs and open into new possibilities, literally creating new pathways in our brains so we can access options and resources that were not even perceptible to us beforehand.

Dominique Lando

MA, MFT, Certified Hakomi Teacher

How I Work

For individuals this can mean supporting you through an obstacle or a threshold to expansion, teasing out an inner conflict or confusion, tending to a wound, a fear, a trauma, coming into a deeper sense of yourself with more access to your core values. It means reaching for your authentic voice and anchoring into your true leadership.

For mission driven partnerships, groups and organizations this can look many ways: working with stuckness or low morale, addressing spoken and unspoken conflicts, or facilitating processes to come into more truth and synergy as a team. It can be about coming into alignment with your purpose and values, as a culture, an ecosystem of people, with the forces and circumstances your particular configuration contends with.

My Practice

I have been in private practice since 2003 supporting individuals, partnerships and groups and I expanded to organizations and teams organically over time when I joined Aurum Leadership as a trainer, facilitator and coach. I have been a teacher for the Hakomi Institute and graduate schools in the Bay Area since 2008, training coaches, healing practitioners and therapists in mindfulness-centered experiential psychology. I integrate trauma work, group dynamics and systems theory, eco-psychology and an eclectic mix of spiritual practices. My background is muliticultural and I grew up in France in a multiracial family.


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