Carrie Katz



I am a licensed psychotherapist bringing kindness, as well as a sense of playfulness and humor, to the serious work of human growth. I have been working in the field of somatic, or body-oriented therapies for about thirty years, and bring in the expressive arts with those who are interested in it (no “artistic” experience is necessary!). I also provide Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), the only legal form of psychedelic therapy. Contact me for details.

Carrie Katz


How I Work

 In our work, you will feel supported and understood, as well as challenged enough to be able to step outside of your habitual ways of being that hold you back from living as fully as you would like. Together we will explore how to shift old patterns so that you may get more in touch with what you want to grow inside yourself and in your life.

Somatic work offers ways of working that complement talking and thinking, and gives you concrete tools to work with in sessions and to take with you between our meetings. My work is informed by a variety of body-oriented approaches including Hakomi, Formative Psychology, and attachment based relational therapy.

Though you may not choose to use them, some of the expressive arts tools available in our sessions include visual art, collage, writing, singing and music, and sandplay therapy, all ways of stepping outside of our logical minds to reveal the deeper layers that are wanting to be seen, heard, understood, and transformed. Dreams are also a welcome part of our therapy.

My Practice

I welcome people of all sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds. Feel free to call me for a phone interview at no charge if you would like to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Learn more by visiting my website: Embodied Being | Carrie Katz, MFT – Somatic and expressive arts psychotherapy


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