Our Practitioners

The practitioners at Anam Cara Center are trained psychotherapists and coaches with expertise in a wide range of modalities ranging from Hakomi to EMDR, as well as energy work and body work. Our holistic approach provides individuals, couples and children with a wide range of client-centered therapy and counseling solutions. 

Susan San Tara MA, MFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer

I am a licensed Psychotherapist, in private practice since 2000. I have been practicing the Hakomi Method since 2005 and am a Certified Hakomi Therapist, and Certified Hakomi Trainer. Anam Cara (Soul Friendship) helps define the essential goals of my therapeutic...

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Jana Flores Schustack MA, MFT

I offer a warm, collaborative, and relational approach intended to foster personal growth and self understanding for individuals and couples of all cultures and sexual orientations. My therapeutic approach is based on principles of mindfulness and somatic awareness, primarily working...

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Carrie Katz MA, LMFT

I am a licensed psychotherapist bringing kindness, as well as a sense of playfulness and humor, to the serious work of human growth. I have been working in the field of somatic, or body-oriented therapies for about thirty years, and...

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Dominique Lando Therapist, Coach, Facilitator and Certified Hakomi Teacher

I offer grounded and inspired coaching. Rooted in years of being a psychotherapist and organizer, I bring a depth of expertise in psychology, relationship systems, mindfulness and embodiment practices to the coaching realm. I work with individuals, partnerships, groups and...

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Marenka Cerny MFT

After 20 years of experience pursuing and focusing on mind and body integration, Marenka has become an expert in somatic psychotherapy. She received her Master’s from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2002. For 14 years she trained with...

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Jared Michaels Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Zen priest, and activist

I love being a psychotherapist. I’m always honored to be let into people’s lives and hearts, it makes me profoundly happy to help people heal and grow, and I am consistently inspired by how their growth makes the world a...

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Giancarlo Scherillo MA, LMFT

I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2015 and received my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2011. I trained extensively in somatic mindfulness-based psychotherapy from the Hakomi Institute of California...

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Jordanna Glueckauf CMT, MPH, Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher

My interest in the transformative power of touch began during my nearly four years of residence at the Esalen Institute, a historic healing retreat center. I immersed myself in the study of a wide variety of somatic healing modalities including,...

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David Heliotis MA, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I’m a counselor who works with individual adults and teens in person at Anam Cara in Berkeley and online in California. I’ve studied mindfulness-based and somatic (body-oriented) approaches to therapy. I support my clients in attaining greater self-awareness and self-understanding...

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Regardless of what brings you to our door, we are committed to helping you understand yourself more fully. Whether you are struggling with current issues, past wounding, or seeking to explore deeper purpose or meaning, our practitioners approach your unique needs with care, skill and integrity.